Application Development and Modernization

Effective development and modernization of federal government software and systems requires more than technical expertise – they also require a deep understanding of a client’s business context and a plan for integrating new systems into existing operations without disruption. A3 Consulting LLC draws upon the technical expertise and talents of our staff and combines this with the perfect mix of business knowledge and customization project experience. By taking the time to understand desired outcomes, we can deliver solutions that are on target and fulfill urgent mission needs. This mindset, combined with our breadth of expertise, tools and technology, results in reduced labor, lower costs, faster delivery, and decreased risk.


Legacy System Maintenance and Modernization

Application Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Assessment and Authorization (A&A) Services

Application Training Development and Documentation

.NET/C# and Java Development

Agile Systems Development

Agile Requirements Analysis and Development

Automated Builds and Deployments


SQL and NoSQL Database Development

Software Testing

  • Automated Software Testing
  • Manual Software Testing
  • Accessibility Testing and Remediation
  • Performance Testing
  • Security and Vulnerability Code Scanning and Testing